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Cyprus not on UK Red List

Cyprus not on UK Red List

New guidelines come into place for travel to and from the UK…. Cyprus is not on the UK travel ban list (red list) which means you will not have to quarantine in a hotel but you will have to self isolate. The following is copied from the UK Gov website and is correct at time of publishing:

“From 15 February

If you arrive in England from a country on the travel ban list (sometimes called the ‘red list’) you’ll need to self-isolate in a quarantine hotel for at least 10 days. Before you travel, you’ll need to book and pay for your hotel room and 2 COVID-19 tests to take during your stay.

If you’re coming from a country not on the banned travel list, you’ll need to self-isolate at home for 10 days and book 2 COVID-19 tests.”

Find out specific information from the UK Gov official website: